March 24, 2015



Mance Media Unveils 4K Ultra HD Plans, at the Forefront of Distribution

Movie Studio distributes collection of 4K films via BitTorrent Bundle.

Official Mance Media Still Logo:
HOLLYWOOD, CA – TUESDAY– MAR 24 - Mance Media, a global film and television distribution company based at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, CA, today announces that it is distributing a collection of 4K Ultra HD films exclusively via BitTorrent Bundle.
For the first time in history, movie studio Mance Media delivers 4K Ultra HD movies with 5.1 surround sound right to your home. By shrinking the file size without jeopardizing quality, 4K Ultra HD movies are quick to download and have never looked better. Watch the 4K Ultra HD content on any 4K television or on your computer with the VLC media player.
Fans are able to download trailers from each of Mance Media’s 4K Ultra HD titles for free. For $5-6, fans can unlock the full 4K Ultra HD features in 5.1 surround sound & the official movie poster in high resolution.
The breaking news: not only has Mance Media been able to shrink a 90 minute 4K movie file size from 300 GB to under 3 GB, it has also figured out how to embed 5.1 surround sound within the file.
Mance Media has been researching, testing and perfecting the 4K workflow for over 12 months. This 4K breakthrough will now pave the way for 4K Ultra HD physical media (to coexist alongside the yet-to-be-released 4K Ultra Blu-ray later this year).
It is worth noting that all of Mance Media’s titles were shot in native 4K and have not been unconverted.
As of today, the following 4K Ultra HD movies are available to BitTorrent’s 170 million monthly users:
Title: The Toy Soldiers 4K
Download Bundle:
Genre: Drama
MPAA Rating: R
Logline: On one evening in a decade of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, the innocence of youth and family unravels.
Starring: Najarra Townsend (Me and You and Everyone We Know, Contracted), Chandler Rylko (Not Another Celebrity Movie), Constance Brenneman (Love & Other Drugs), Samuel Nolan (Last Call with Carson Daly), Nick Frangione (Strapped), Jeanette May Steiner (Delivered)
Directed By: Erik Peter Carlson
Title: Dragons: Real Myths And Unreal Creatures 4K
Download Bundle:
Genre: Family Fantasy
Logline: Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Creatures traces the legend of dragons through time, and across cultures and continents, exploring their connections to history, geography, paleontology, literature, art, national identity, and more.
Starring: Max von Sydow (Minority Report, The Exorcist), Laurence LeBoeuf
Written & Directed By: Marc Fafard
Title: Scarlet’s Witch 4K
Download Bundle:
Genre: Fantasy/Mystery
Logine: a lonely girl who befriends a witch in the woods.
Starring: Avery Pohl, Emily Pearse, Marcy Palmer, Julie Moss Written & Directed By: F.C. Rabbath
Title: Circles of Life: Iceland in 4K
Download Bundle:
Genre: Non-narrative nature documentary
Logline: Majestic volcanoes, seething geysers, raging waterfalls, threatening fjords over mighty glaciers, endless lava fields - hardly any other country in the world is as full of natural wonders as Iceland, the remote island in the harsh North Sea. Nowhere on this planet can the gripping origin of life, growth and decay be observed as here.
Directed By: Reinhard Kungel
Technical Specifications:
Codecs: HEVC (H.265), AC3
Audio Channels: 6 (5.1 surround sound)
File Extension: MP4
Frame Rate: 23.98
Mance Media’s existing 4K partners include M-GO, Sony, Dish, and Amazon.
“Distribution of 4K content has been, and still is, the wild wild west. I am happy to report Mance Media perfected the workflow by using the new HEVC codec. Our movies look spectacular on any 4K television and the 5.1 surround sound component even rivals some of our partner’s platforms,” says Matthew Mancinelli, Chief Executive Officer of Mance Media. “4K Ultra HD is very much apart of our ongoing acquisition and distribution strategy as we prove ourselves as an emerging Hollywood movie studio. I look forward to working with the team at BitTorrent and tapping into their 170 million monthly user base.
“BitTorrent Bundle was built to empower creators: to help artists distribute rich, multimedia projects, without limits on storytelling or size. Today marks the first collection of 4K films to be distributed via BitTorrent. We’re excited to work with Mance to share this ultra HD collection with our global network of fans,” says Straith Schreder, Director of Brand Marketing at BitTorrent.
For more information on Mance Media:
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Twitter:                       @ManceMedia
About Mance Media
Based at the historic Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, Mance Media is a global film and television distribution company. Formed by Matthew Mancinelli in early 2012, Mance Media acquires and licenses a wide-range of programming for the global marketplace. Mance Media releases 5 to 10 movies a year across all platforms.
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