July 24, 2014

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HOLLYWOOD, CA –WEDNESDAY, July 23, 2014 - Mance Media, a global film and television distribution company based at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, CA, today formally announces its acquisition of “THE TOY SOLDIERS”, the 2nd feature film from writer/director Erik Peter Carlson (“Transatlantic Coffee”).
Mance Media has set a November 14th date for the theatrical run.
Mance Media will then do a TVOD, iTunes, DVD/Blu-ray release, and a U.S. television premiere thereafter. Mance Media has acquired worldwide distribution rights and will formally present the film at this year’s American Film Market (AFM).
‘The Toy Soldiers’is being compared to other team dramas like ‘The Basketball Diaries’, ‘Kids’, and ‘Requiem For A Dream’. There is also resemblance of Constance Brenneman being a young Meryl Streep and Chandler Rylko, a young Tom Cruise from ‘Risky Business’.
Logline: On one evening in a decade of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, the innocence of youth and family unravels.
Synopsis: On one evening in a decade of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, the innocence of youth and family unravels. Five parallel coming-of-age stories dramatize the stages of grief. A youthful mother in a custody battle over her children finds tranquility with the bottle. The abuse of her ex-husband still haunts the children; a nineteen-year-old drug addict, and his younger brother, a bullied closet homosexual. There's the story of the dog; a teen who offers sexual favors to gain acceptance, the challenged classmate who would do anything for her love, and the redhead beauty, haunted by a secret, tragic past. These lives and others will change forever on this final evening before their hangout, The Toy Soldiers Roller Rink, closes its doors for the final time.
Its a brave film. Nobody will deny that. It tackles very serious subject matters within the narrative. Subject matters that all will relate to. It was my goal from the start to be honest, blunt and truthful to what we were all conquering. To say that I am pleased with the film, and now the acquisition with Mance Media, is an understatement,says writer/director Erik Peter Carlson 
I am over the moon with this monumental acquisition for Mance Media. The Toy Soldiers is the modern day Dazed and Confusedin my opinion and am confident the movie will resonate with fans around the world. We look forward to working with the talented Erik Peter Carlson, who is fresh off his success with Transatlantic Coffee,says Mance Media’s CEO, Matthew Mancinelli.
The deal was negotiated between Erik Peter Carlson on behalf of the filmmakers, and Matthew Mancinelli for Mance Media.
Mance Media presents
A Riding Hood Motion Pictures production
An Erik Peter Carlson film
A Mance Media Release
143 minutes
Official Selection:
Dances With Films (Los Angeles)
Najarra Townsend (IFC Midnight’s‘Contracted’)
Constance Brenneman (“Love and Other Drugs”)
Chandler Rylko
Jeanette May Steiner (“Delivered”)
Samuel Nolan
Nick Frangione (“Friends and Lovers”)
Amelia Haberman
Megan Hensley 
Andre Myers
Kevin Pinassi
Izzy Pollak
Thatcher Robinson
Marco Tazioli
Wrriter/Director - Erik Peter Carlson (“Transatlantic Coffee”)
Produced by –Erik Peter Carlson
Music by (score) - Nathaniel Levisay
Director of Photography - Dan Witrock
Editor - Alex Bordino
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About Mance Media
Based at the historic Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, Mance Media is a worldwide film/television distribution company.  Its core business is the worldwide distribution of television programming to broadcasters in every territory of the world. Formed by international television executive Matthew Mancinelli in early 2012, Mance Media acquires, licenses, co-produces and co-finances a wide-range of programming for the global marketplace.