July 17, 2014

HOLLYWOOD, CA – TUESDAY, July 17th, 2014  – Mance Media, the global film and television distribution company, has acquired exclusive worldwide rights to BEST BOTTLE, a brand new winemaking competition reality series.
Production is slated for the Fall, with 10 episodes in season one.
Synopsis: Mance Media's new reality competition series, Best Bottle, takes the best of reality TV and combines it with a global passion: the love of wine. Contestants are divided into two groups, based in different winemaking regions to compete against each other, Mother Nature, and time - with each group crafting their "Best Bottle" of wine. Both groups include a reputable winemaker accompanied by five aspiring winemakers, known in the industry as cellar rats. The nickname refers to "one who labors in the cellar (or barrel room) of a winery never seeing the light of day. Quite like a rat."
During each episode the host, and a celebrity co-host, guides the teams through challenges and competitions. Every week contestants who perform well earn rewards, while the poorest performing contestant is eliminated from the group and leaves the show. After a series of eliminations, the two seasoned winemakers are left with one contestant a piece to coach though the final stage of the competition. The winning contestant, chosen by a panel of celebrity judges and loyal viewers, receives a $100k cash prize, the opportunity to bottle one vintage under the Best Bottle label, and a custom designed advertising campaign.
The filmmakers have simultaneously launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the production of Season One, with donation perks ranging from VIP set visits to wine merchandise to a winery tour.
Donate to the Best Bottle Kickstarter Campaign through August 16: http://kck.st/1mSA4Dc
The deal was negotiated between Mance Media’s CEO Matthew Mancinelli and Gemini Digital Film’s CEO Scott Krauger.
“We are currently seeking a US home for the show and are beginning to pre-sell Best Bottle overseas. I look forward to launching season one and seeing the wine business grow as a result.” – says Matthew Mancinelli, CEO of Mance Media.
"I am excited to bring the passion of the winemaking industry to the world. With a behind the scenes look into a world that few people will ever have a chance to see.  We are going to take them into that world by showcasing the interesting characters, natural drama, and excitement that is winemaking” says, Scott Krauger CEO of Wine Best Bottle and Gemini Digital Films. 
Production Company: Gemini Digital Films
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