February 11, 2014





HOLLYWOOD, CA – TUESDAY, February 11, 2014  – Mance Media has acquired domestic and international rights to the Noël Wells-starrer romcom FOREV.


Mance Media will be releasing the DVD/Blu Ray on May 1st and is also handling U.S. television rights.

In addition, Mance Media has picked up all rights to the film for international distribution and will start presenting the title to buyers at the European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin this week. Gravitas Ventures will handle the film’s North American VOD release, also launching May 1st.


Noël Wells is a new addition to the cast of NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL). FOREV had its world premiere at LA Film Fest in 2013, and has picked up Audience Awards at the Portland and Tallgrass film festivals during its ongoing festival run.


Logline: On a last-minute road trip, disenchanted Sophie (Noël Wells) and her naïve neighbor Pete (Matt Mider) take a joke about marriage to the next level. Before long, they're engaged and stranded in the desert with Pete’s sorority-girl sister, who is fresh off a break-up.


Long Synopsis: Sophie (Noël Wells) and Pete (Matt Mider) are kind of friends. Mostly they're just neighbors in a crummy East Hollywood apartment building. When Pete has to drive 6 hours to pick up his little sister Jess (Amanda Bauer) from college, Sophie invites herself along. Somewhere on the drive through the desert, a joke about getting married escalates, and by the time they arrive at Jess’s sorority house in Phoenix, Pete and Sophie are engaged. If their lives felt stalled before, then this is the perfect fix. They can split rent, buy milk by the gallon... plus, if Sophie marries Pete, he never has to worry about getting up the courage to ask her out.


They expect everyone to be as excited as they are. But Jess just broke up with her long-term boyfriend, so her brother’s engagement isn't just spontaneous fun, it's an affront to her whole concept of love. A 6-hour car ride with the happy couple would be hard enough, but their journey is just beginning. When their Jeep breaks down, they’re stranded at a motel in the middle of the desert. And after a night at a sketchy local bar, Jess disappears with a bearded drifter. Lost and suddenly dependent on each other, Sophie and Pete’s scramble to find his sister and get back to L.A. exposes the cracks in their budding relationship. By the time they find Jess and her one-night stand, they’ve started to realize that falling in love can be a lot scarier than getting married. FOREV is a romantic comedy about how far you can go without saying what you mean.


The deal was negotiated between Mance Media’s CEO Matthew Mancinelli, and Chris Perez of Donaldson + Callif on behalf of FOREV producers Stephanie Dziczek and Meg Charlton.



“FOREV is a movie that will resonate with worldwide audiences as marriage proposals are a universal topic of conversation, and I’m thrilled to be working with Stephanie, Noël and team on its release this year,” says Mance Media’s CEO, Matthew Mancinelli.


“We’re so excited to have found passionate, innovative partners in Mance Media and Gravitas, and we are looking forward to working together to get FOREV out into the world,” say producers Stephanie Dziczek and Meg Charlton.



Starring: Noël Wells, Matt Mider, Amanda Bauer, Timmy L’Heureux, Chuck McCarthy

Written & Directed by: Molly Green & James Leffler

Produced by: Stephanie Dziczek, Meg Charlton

Executive Producers: Kevin Charlton, Timothy Charlton

Director of Photography: Robert M. Edgecomb

Music by: Mychal Cohen

Edited By: Molly Green & James Leffler


Forev Teaser: http://mancemedia.com/collections/whats-new/products/forev

Noël Wells Bio: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/about/bio/no%C3%ABl-wells

Download the FOREV one sheet: http://bit.ly/NuLJd5


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