April 8, 2015

Mance Media Acquires Model Turned Superstar TV Series, models compete for $1 Million Prize
Features supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio, Irina Shayk, Ana Beatriz Barros
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HOLLYWOOD, CA – THURSDAY– APR 8 - Mance Media, a global film and television distribution company based at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, CA, today formally announces the acquisition of Model Turned Superstar, a new international modeling competition series that challenges models to elevate themselves, change their lives and become a Hollywood Superstar, hosted by April Scott, (Model/Fitness Expert, The Dukes of Hazzard, Entourage), Natalie Getz (The Bachelor, The Bachelor Pad) and Anastasia Kuznetsova (Victoria’s Secret model).
Celebrity guest judges include Alessandra Ambrosio (Victoria’s Secret Supermodel), Irina Shayk (2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model, Hercules), Ana Beatriz Barros (Guess/Chanel/Victoria’s Secret model) and Kelly Hu (X-Men 2, The Scorpion King).
Season One is comprised of six (6) one-hour (6x60) episodes with a 2-hour finale.
Model Turned Superstar is now available to broadcasters and VOD platforms in every territory of the world through Mance Media, including in the USA.
Here is a clip of Model Turned Superstar Executive Producer Andy Khawaja talking to TMZ about the show:
Who Will Be The $1 Million Winner?
From the creative mind of billionaire mogul Andy Khawaja comes Model Turned Superstar!
Hosted by model and fitness expert April Scott, Model Turned Superstar is a new hit modeling competition show that brings together 80 international models to compete for a life-changing grand prize and their shot at world-wide fame.
Each episode takes viewers to exotic locales from Hong Kong to Los Angeles to Dubai to the Bahamas, with the grand prize of $1 million and Hollywood stardom. The contestants will have to conquer their fears and prove themselves in everything from daring feats, such as zip lining through the jungles of Thailand to swimming with sharks in the tropic waters of Bora Bora in order to get their picture-perfect shot. A series of exciting go-sees, photo shoots, and runway challenges will determine which top 13 girls will move on to the Beverly Hills mansion in sunny California for the 2 hour finale episode where the $1 million winner will be announced.
Only one will win the grand prize and be named the next Model Turned Superstar!
It’s truly an international show bringing in models from all over the globe. Model’s home countries include: England, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, South Africa, Canada, USA, Poland, Iceland, France, Czech Republic, Brazil, Bosnia and Australia.
Nassau, Bahamas (EPISODE ONE)
The Bahamas are made up of more than 700 tiny islands including the gorgeous capital of Nassau, which was long-known as a haven for pirates in the 18th century. Now Nassau is a well-loved tourist destination filled with boutiques, restaurants, and luxurious accommodations for guests of all kinds.
The first group of Russian models make their way to the sunny islands of the Bahamas where they will compete for the $1 million cash prize and a Hollywood film contract. Lead by Victoria Secret model Anastasia Kuznetsova, the fifteen girls face their first photo shoot in the sand and must prove their composure, creativity, and cunning in order to be chosen to move on to the Beverly Hills mansion. Find out who will be a Model Turned Superstar!
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (EPISODE TWO)
Dubai has been dubbed the world’s 7th most visited and 22nd most expensive city to live in. Filled with gorgeous architecture, century-old bazaars, and adventures aplenty, it is easy to see why. Situated on the Persian Gulf, this bustling hub is bordered on three sides by the Arabian Desert.
Episode two brings a brand new group of models to the legendary desert oasis of Dubai where they will lay their stakes for a feature film contract and a chance at $1 million dollars. International model Anastasia Kuznetsova takes the girls to both land and sea for breathtaking photo shoots, camel-back riding, and a journey through the world-renowned bazaars. Three will move on to the grand finale – can you guess who it will be?
Hong Kong, China (EPISODE THREE)
Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and thrives in the fashion, transportation, and architectural industries. Located on the southern coast of China, they are recognized as a global center of trade and described as where “East meets West.”
In the busy design capital of Hong Kong, eleven new models from around the world embark on challenges in endurance, skill, and the ability to let their star-qualities shine. Natalie Getz from ABC’s “The Bachelor” accompanies the girls on a street-style photo shoot and a go-see with renowned fashion brand Replay Hong Kong to see who can best represent their new line. Only three can be chosen to compete for the $1 million prize and a major movie contract in Beverly Hills.
Phuket, Thailand (EPISODE FOUR)
Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, made up of lush forest-covered mountains and is well known for its Big Buddha statue and its yearly Ghost Festival. Phuket’s legendary sunset beaches surround the island and bring in hundreds of tourists year-round for sun and surf.
The beautiful island of Phuket Thailand serves as the backdrop for the fourth episode of Model Turned Superstar, hosted by actress April Scott. Nineteen girls will have to prove their physical, artistic, and quick thinking abilities, ride atop elephants, and put their best face forward in the Coral Beach photo shoot for their chance to move on to the California mansion and the opportunity to win the cash prize and a contract to star in major Hollywood films.
Bora Bora, Tahiti (EPISODE FIVE)
Bora Bora is the remnant of an extinct volcano in the Tahitian islands and well-known for its tropical fish-filled barrier reef. Famous for the many water-centric luxury resorts and endless coconut trees, the island offers a paradise-like atmosphere for tourists and inhabitants alike.
Model and actress April Scott leads fifteen girls through exciting challenges in the Tahitian island of Bora Bora for their opportunity to win a Hollywood movie contract and a million-dollar cash prize. The girls learn about traditional Tahitian culture, a runway challenge, and photo shoot in shark-filled waters to prove that that can be the next Model Turned Superstar. Can you guess who will be chosen to move on to the big finale at the Beverly Hills mansion?
Punta Mita, Mexico (EPISODE SIX)
Punta Mita is a gorgeous beachfront village on the Pacific coast of northern Mexico that is well loved by both archeologists and tourists alike. With an avid fishing culture and gentle sea breeze, Punta Mita is a favorite low-key vacation spot for Hollywood celebrities all year long.
With one episode left before the big finale, fifteen new models come together in the resort town of Punta Mita, Mexico with host April Scott for their chance at a $1 million prize and a contract to star in a feature film. Special guest and Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio judges a swimsuit runway challenge followed by a beach photo shoot to determine who will be the final few girls to move on to the mansion in Beverly Hills, California.
Los Angeles, California (EPISODE SEVEN)
The top thirteen models have made it to the final episode in Beverly Hills, California where they face challenges to test their endurance, creativity, and star-potential to see who will be named the Model Turned Superstar! Special guests and Victoria Secret models Alessandra Ambrosio & Ana Beatriz Barros judge the girls as they strut their stuff on the runway, while director Chadwick Pelletier prepares the girls for their on-screen debut. Only ONE can win – do you know who it will be?
“My global sales experience with Bikini Destinations lends itself to the great potential of Model Turned Superstar being another hit show,” says Matthew Mancinelli, CEO of Mance Media. “We are currently in discussions with U.S. broadcasters, VOD platforms and streaming services. Model Turned Superstar has a multi-million fan base already built in and the show will be ready for delivery by May.”
“This is just the beginning of Model Turned Superstar, the show that rewards models with constant prize money up to $1 Million USD, life-changing opportunity and the most amazing first class accommodations ever provided in a reality production“, says Andy Khawaja, Executive Producer of Model Turned Superstar
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