Best Bottle

Season One: 10x60min | HD | NEW! (2014)

Genre: A Winemaking Competition Reality Series


Mance Media's new reality competition series, Best Bottle, takes the best of reality TV and combines it with a global passion: the love of wine.
Contestants are divided into two groups, based in different winemaking regions to compete against each other, Mother Nature, and time - with each group crafting their "Best Bottle" of wine. Both groups include a reputable winemaker accompanied by five aspiring winemakers, known in the industry as cellar rats. The nickname "cellar rat" refers to "one who labors in the cellar (or barrel room) of a winery never seeing the light of day. Quite like a rat."

During each episode the host, and a celebrity co-host, guides the teams through challenges and competitions. Every week contestants who perform well earn rewards, while the poorest performing contestant is eliminated from the group and leaves the show. After a series of eliminations, the two seasoned winemakers are left with one contestant a piece to coach though the final stage of the competition. The winning contestant, chosen by a panel of celebrity judges and loyal viewers, receives a $100k cash prize, the opportunity to bottle one vintage under the Best Bottle label, and a custom designed advertising campaign.
type: Film vendor: Mance Media
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